Starboard Tack Capital, LLC


Starboard Tack Capital, LLC

Following are selected portfolio companies in which STC has a current or prior interest and has provided or currently provides key management and operational support.

Imagine Early Education and Childcare

Imagine Early Education and Childcare is an industry leading international childcare provider that is entering the United States market with the opening of a seven full service childcare and early education centers in 2020  in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado.   Additional Imagine centers will be opening in 2021.  Imagine offers educational opportunities for children ages six weeks to twelve years of age. All Imagine centers are purpose built striking the perfect balance between providing innovative early education experiences and meeting the needs of the communities in which we Imagine operates.

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Dakota Oil Processing, LLC

Dakota Oil Processing, LLC is a privately held, development stage company formed for the purpose of developing, constructing, owning and operating a crude oil hydroskimming refinery near Trenton, North Dakota.

DOP intends to construct a 28,000 barrel-per-day crude oil diesel hydro-skimming refinery near Trenton, North Dakota. The Project will receive and process light sweet crude and sell No. 1 and No. 2 ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) refined as the primary products for the local and regional markets. The secondary products produced will be naphtha, residual fuel oil, and elemental sulfur, which will be sold as commodities into various markets.


BPI Midstream, LLC

Starboard Tack Capital, LLC partnered with the Queensland Sands Investments US, an oil & gas investment firm, to form a midstream joint venture company BPI Midstream to invest in the gathering, processing, and disposal of the various by-products from oil producer well pads in the shale oil-rich Bakken region.  BPI closed on it first joint venture acquisition of a saltwater disposal facility in Tioga, ND with White Owl Energy Services, Inc. and recently acquired BOH Midstream, a saltwater pipeline and injection well facility operator with assets in the Bakken.  BPI expects to announce additional infrastructure acquisitions and projects in the near future.


Independent Power USA, Inc.

Independent Power USA, Inc. is a renewable-energy company based in Columbus, Ohio focused on providing both large and intermediate scale independent renewable power solutions for commercial and government applications.  The Company‚Äôs use of a highly innovative mini-boiler design to burn low BTU waste coal and biomass produces a reliable source of local power, thereby reducing costs and carbon footprints and protecting customers from market forces in the energy sector.  The Company has two existing facilities in operations and a pipeline of numerous biomass and other renewable energy projects globally.


Stack Energy, LLC 

Stack Energy, LLC is a U.S. based energy solutions provider that has numerous projects in development with a focus on providing the equipment and services related to the processing of gas streams from oil production and related facilities.  The Company’s projects are in the Bakken shale oil region of the US and the company is in the process of developing a gas processing facility in North Dakota. In addition to providing gas processing of y-grade raw mix in our fractionation facility, Stack offers marketing, distribution and logistics services relating to both Y-grade and purity NGL products. With storage infrastructure and supply and market connections, Stack is uniquely positioned to assist clients in maximizing revenues from purity NGL costs and reducing costs relating to transportation and logistics.

AcuStream, LLC

AcuStream, Inc.

AcuStream, Inc. is a Denver based healthcare IT services company co-founded by STC principals in 2007 that provides a secure web-based service that automates the process of identifying missed reimbursable charges found in historical physician and hospital charge data. AcuStream’s clients include some of the nation’s largest university medical centers and physician practice groups. AcuStream was sold to RevInt Solutions, Inc. in June 2018. Revint Announces Strategic Acquisitions of CloudMed and AcuStream.


Sustainable Building Innovations, Inc.

Sustainable Building Innovations, Inc. is a building system solutions provider of next generation, energy efficient, deploy and use building structures.  The Company’s advanced shelter system is composed of pre-fabricated, rugged panels that can be easily assembled, disassembled and reused with a focus for use by the US and coalition forces in a variety of military-based applications, both in the US and in overseas combat zones. The Company’s Forts shelters are ideal for use in the energy sector as deployable and transportable office units for wellhead, pipeline and other remote locations.  SBI’s structure also has broad application in the first responder, commercial and residential markets.

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Sleeping Giant Power, LLC

Starboard Tack Capital was a founding member of Sleeping Giant Power, a hydroelectric and renewable fuels power company with properties in Montana.  Sleeping Giant was a developer of an eight-megawatt hydro project near Helena, Montana at the Canyon Ferry Dam in partnership with the Helena Valley Irrigation District.  Starboard Tack sold its interest in Sleeping Giant Power in 2015.

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SST Bakken Properties, LLC

SST Bakken Properties, LLC was a workforce lodging operator of Bainville Crossing, in Bainville, MT. SST divested its assets including its workforce lodging operations, Bainville Crossing.