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Starboard Tack Capital

Starboard Tack Capital is a private investment and project development firm focused on multiple industry verticals including the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors, multi-center childcare among others.  Our mission is to bring our resources and expertise to our portfolio companies and projects to ensure success from early development including company and project incubation to providing seasoned guidance on business strategy, capital raising, exit alternatives and transaction advisory. Starboard Tack provides centralized back-office operations as required and partners with management teams to provide an additional layer of depth and expertise allowing operations management to focus on key strategic and operational objectives.

COMPANY & PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: The firm’s Principal Group provides project development, early-stage capital, and management services to start-ups and greenfield projects.  By centralizing common services and expertise across our portfolio, we are able to provide a high level of access to strategic partners, financial management capabilities and the capital markets that would not otherwise typically be available at such an early stage.  STC’s Principal Group brings broad experience across numerous industries with a significant presence in the Energy sector, including oil & gas, biomass and other renewable power and energy service companies. See Our Portfolio

CONSULTING & ADVISORY GROUP: The firm also provides select consulting & advisory services for key relationships to align business strategy with growth and capital initiatives that will lead to value creation for owners.  STC’s professionals provide both business strategy and transaction driven advisory services including buy-side diligence, quality of earnings assessments, sell-side transaction preparatory services, financial modeling, strategic assessments, strategic partner review, valuations and more.  Learn More